I would say that my experience as very positive. I was referred to Encanto's by a work colleague who has lovely skin (which she thanked to Encanto's care). I've struggled with acne, oily/sensitive skin most of my life, and most products didn't fully fix the problem. As a result I constantly relied on makeup to mask my skin problems. What finally brought me to Encanto's is that I noticed that the acne was starting to permanently damage my skin, and scarring was starting to become more common as I got older (I'm going to be 30 this year). So with all the oily skin, acne, scarring (and now wrinkles!) I came to Encantos as a last resort. 

Alba attacks your skin issues at all angles: diet, stress, makeup, medical history, lifestyle. She makes a full effort to understand everything about you to better understand your issues. Her demeanor is very passionate, but when your on the bed, she's very calming. The oxygen and facial treatments have definitely brought life to my skin (dullness turns to a glow). The skin products and lifestyle changes have helped minimize pores and keep them unblocked. I did have a problem sensitivity to some of the products, but Alba was quick to change the products, and gave me samples to try before I purchased an alternate product. THE MAKEUP IS AMAZING AND LIFE CHANGING! I 100% stand by Encanto's powder cover-up makeup. I'll never buy pore-clogging concealer ever again, Encanto's powder layers perfectly. 

The only downside is the cost - I would only recommend Encanto's to someone with health coverage - otherwise this is a large investment. While the products are very expensive, this is because of Encanto's commitment to quality products. Alba is very critical of cheap drug store products (which is true when you read about the junk put in regular skin products). I've been going to Encanto's for a little over a month now, and I'm excited to see how Alba can continue to improve my skin!


I am 46 years old and have suffered from adult cystic acne for years. It started in my 20 s or 30 s and got progressively worse as I got older. I was under treatment by a dermatologist for years, tried chemical peels, blue light, medications and harsh topical creams, all with no obvious improvement. I felt frustrated and embarrassed most of the time. I was referred to Alba and at the end of my rope, at the point where I would try anything. I followed Alba s recommendations, honestly not believing it would work. I saw immediate results in skin quality and reduction in breakouts. After the course of peels recommended and faithfully using the products, I now have no cysts.... none! I have never gone a day without and now not one in the last 2 months. My skin just looks better and better each day. It is truly unbelievable. I cannot thank Alba enough and will be bringing my daughter to her when she hits her teenage years.


Alba has saved my skin! At 54 years of age, I get complimented on my skin on a regular basis! Even without makeup because I do not use makeup! My y breakouts are almost non-existent now. Alba s skills and wisdom along with her incredible array of all natural products have really changed my life because I am much more confident now.

-K.M. Anti-aging

I have suffered from acne all my adult life. Now in my 30s, I have tried every cream, product, and device available on the market spent countless dollars all in vain. Nothing helped my cystic acne or improved any of the scarrings that inevitably follows. Not only did the harsh chemicals and drying agents not help but they reeked havoc on my skin, further damaging it. All that changed when I went to Encanto s and met Alba. With her help, over the last couple of months, I have seen a change in my skin that I can only describe as miraculous. Not only as my cystic acne disappeared but the tone and texture of my skin have improved such state I can go without makeup and feel far more confident than I ever did before, something I had despaired would ever happen. There are no words to describe the change in my life it has made. The products she uses in the office like the oxygen peel and the creams I use at home are amazing. They are organic with natural ingredients and are incredibly effective on y acne without being destructive to my skin. Other medicated creams for acne on the market are filled with harsh chemicals and carcinogens. No such worries withEncanto s products and, best of all- they work!! Thank you million time Alba, you have changed my life.

-Cathaleen Regan

My skin was a mess. I was flaky, red, tight, covered with bumps and mild acne and it hurt. It hurt in the sun, the wind and the cold. A typical day in Alberta! I ended up spending a lot of time indoors and out of the elements. Then my friend recommended I try Encanto s Skin Care Derma Institute where they specialize in rosacea and acne problems I am glad I did! Alter 3 months my skin is definitely feeling and looking better and I am slowly returning to the things I love. Thank you, my friend.

-Melora Jones

I am 39 years old and have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. Over the years I have tried numerous products and medications, but nothing ever seemed to work for any length of time, until I started seeing Alba at eh Encanto s Institute. I had heard about her from a friend and thought, why not, let's give it a try. She changed my life! Her products in combination with her acne facial treatment cleared my skin in a matter of a couple of moths. Her Clean Line products are amazing! I had never been able to use any kind of creams on my face before... Since I have been seeing Alba, my skin feels softer and is clearer that it ever has been. Her products do not clog pores or cause breakouts, her acne treatments are effective and anti-aging at the same time. I would highly recommend the Encanto s Institute to anyone!


I had Breast Cancer, during my Chemotherapy treatment my skin was very dry, tight and red- I applied medical and all kinds or moisturizers and nothing helped. My sister brought a fabulous organic Day and Night Cream from Encanto s and immediately felt relief, and my skin healed. I finish my chemo treatments and I am still using the organic line Clean because it works and feels fantastic.


I'm looking forward to your beautiful products. The cream has been absolutely amazing on the wrinkle/line on my upper lip (where a cat scratched me when I was 3). It's hardly visible anymore. Incredible!

-Candice T.