1. Acne Treatment

This condition is the most common problems that have customers visit the Dermatologist office continuously with no results. Many people think that acne is a condition of puberty, but in fact this is not necessarily the case. Acne can be caused in part by a dysfunction of the kidneys. We are able to control all these skin conditions without drugs and the use of great European formulas and techniques.

Types of Acne

Juvenile Acne: The most frequent form of Acne, affects both sexes equally during puberty. The symptoms are a combination of comedone, follicle pustule, papule pustule, nodes and small abscesses and scars. It is localize all over face, chest, shoulders and back. Comedones is a small black plugs of sebum and oxidized keratin found in the skin cell.

Conglobated Acne: This type of acne is more rarely encountered. Occurs most often in young adult males. Is characterized by lesions, papules, follicular pustules and numerous cysts of varying sizes.

Necrotic Acne: Is found on the forehead, hairline and temples. Necrotic acne evolution is chronic and it is found in men aged 30 - 40 years and it appears in elderly man who suffer from rosacea.

Chelonian Acne: is a chronic form of folliculitis versus acne and is found on the back of the neck. Usually in males 40-50 years of age.

Professional Acne: Caused by medications containing chemicals. This type of acne appears on the back of the neck, the face, the cheek bones, forehead, use and chin and between the eyebrows. If left untreated, this acne turns into rosacea.

Acne Rosacea: This condition is located on the cheeks, forehead, between eyebrows, nose and chin. Mostly affects females entering menopause 40-50 years old but it can also affect younger women. It can also have couperose and inflammation. Food allergies, hormone imbalance and thyroid problems may contribute to this condition.

Eczema: Small blisters filled with clear liquid, pustules or ulcers. Can be also called Dermatitis or degenerative eczema and it can be caused by allergies.

2. Deep Clean Facials

Refresh your skin with an invigorating deep-cleaning facial from Encanto’s Skin Care. Using the finest ingredients, your skin will regain a more youthful, glowing appearance in just one treatment.

3. Rosacea Treatments

Designed to help prevent future flare ups and reduce the irritation associated with rosacea, our unique facials can help bring life and beauty back into your skin.

4. Pigmentation Treatment

Among the biggest triggers of pigmentation are hormones, stress, birth control pills, pregnancy and sun exposure. However, it is mostly due to the exposure to strong sunlight that many people experience worsening symptoms during the summer. It is not uncommon to find that pigmentation which has previously faded returns when the temperatures rise. You need a long-lasting treatment to keep your skin free from pigment. Our pigmentation treatment doesn’t use hydroquinone, and it is safe. It is also very easy and provides effective, quick results to make your skin naturally clean and beautiful again.

5. Oxygen Treatment

Our body receives close to 90% of its energy from oxygen. Only 10% of energy is derived from our intake of water and food. Due to its immense energy-boosting and healing properties, we implement oxygen in all treatments at our clinic. Clients experience fast and effective results in a natural manner.

We are able to control all these skin conditions without drugs and the use of great European formulas and techniques.